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Technology & Products

VDL FLOW has been involved in the development and realization of many products, such as plasma coating lines for photovoltaic cells, R2R cut-and-transfer modules, high-speed foil handling systems, calandering machines, or embossers.

Technical domains

The major technical domains in which VDL FLOW cooperates with partners at present are:
* Photovoltaics (PV)
* Organic photovoltaics (OPV)
* OLED displays and lighting
* Atomic layer deposition (ALD)
* Deposition of functional layers under controlled environment (vacuum, nitrogen, etc.)
* Cleanroom manufacturing.

Technical aspects

VDL FLOW offers the business excellence guarantee under its OEM business model.
This comprises technical as well as customer care aspects:
* R2R platform with extreme coating uniformity (< 1% variation)
* Various solutions available for S2S such as temporary carrier, accurate moving (steel) belt
* Support for atmospheric and vacuum deposition
* Support for patterning processes
* Large network of dedicated technology partners in place
* Dedicated customer projects (e.g. delaminator for flexible OLED displays)
* World-wide 24-7 support.



Technology and products



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