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Cooperation opportunities

As system integrator, VDL FLOW has adequate design and manufacturing capabilities. It is open to cooperate with technology suppliers and companies interested in Printed Electronics processes to create and build together unique R2R machines for specific applications. Based on a generic, modular R2R production platform, cooperation opportunities can be identified in the following domains:

* Printing and coating technologies capable of handling functional materials, such as conductive inks, and deposit them onto various substrates

* Substrates and functional materials for printed electronics, including the manufacturing processes needed to realize such electronic devices

* Thermal processing for drying and curing the functional layers deposited on a large variety of substrates

* Encapsulation of the various R2R modules and the associated processing stages in vacuum or in controlled atmosphere (novel technologies for particle extraction, cleanrooms, controlled nitrogen concentrations, etc.)

* Drives and control technologies with extreme precision for web handling and positioning

* Cleaning, ionization, and plasma technologies for thin substrates

* Sensors, inspection systems and software for in-line data acquisition, analysis and quality assurance

* R&D dedicated to specific thin film electronics that still need important breakthroughs toward realizing first functional concepts (for example, thin film batteries or nano-photovoltaics)

The cooperation opportunities and possibly business partnerships are not limited to the technology domains listed above, but those are considered at present as essential for the basic operation of an R2R production line for printed electronics. It is anticipated that a certain degree of standardization will also become instrumental toward the implementation of cost-effective manufacturing of flexible electronics in the near future.



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